Free Tax Consultation

General tax conditions are constantly changeing and a thorough analysis and impact planning may be required for your tax matter. During a tax consultation, we review and analyze your previous year's tax form and create strategies to save money for the upcoming tax year. The consultation allows you to learn what deductions are of benefit for you; and as we learn more about the nature of your income and expenses, we can unearth other potential tax savings. 

Consultations can also be held to address a specific tax problem you may have; for instance, a need to file an amended return, corresponding with the IRS, preparing for an audit, Back Tax Issue or need Prior Year Tax Returns, IRS Levy, IRS Wage Garnishment, Unpaid Tax Returns, Unfiled Tax Returns, IRS Audit, Payroll Taxes, Innocent Spouse, IRS Penalties, Trust Fund Penalty, Other IRS Problems.

Consultations are also useful for life changing events such as having children or undergoing a marriage or divorce. And consultations are wonderful for , or understanding the tax consequences of a personal or business decision. 

Many of our consultations have addressed investment issues: choosing between a regular IRA and a Roth IRA, the tax consequences of transferring current investments into more socially responsible ones, investing in mutual funds or partnerships. Knowing the tax laws before you make an investment decision can save you time and money. 

Tax consultations can be held at our office or over the phone. 

In practice, most consultations result in tax savings, a return that adheres to IRS regulations, and savings in the time it takes to then prepare the actual tax return. Plus, there is often a feeling of relief knowing that an Experienced Tax Specialist understands your situation and concerns and is able to proceed comfortably and confidently.


At Orent Financial Services, we are pleased to offer you a free initial  consultation. Come talk to us and get to know us before deciding to try  us. If you would like to schedual a Free Tax Consultation please contact us at or 314-968-8297 or use our contact form, use the link to the Left. Of course, there is no  obligation if you decide not to engage our services.