Small Business Payroll Solutions


Orent Financial Services Payroll Department operated by professional accountants, we believe that our payroll clients deserve more that just computer generated checks and reports with no guidance or personal service. We have an in-depth understanding of the payroll needs and issues for business owners. We provide our clients with guidance on all payroll matters.

Whether your payroll requirements are in our neighborhood, the Grater St.Louis Area, Missouri, or out of state we strive to provide you with payroll services that will meet or exceed your expectations.


Orent Financial Services offers small business payroll in three seperate and distinctive programs, each designed to meet your unique set of business needs.


Compare the features of all three programs to find the best fit for your business.


Full Service Online Payroll and Tax Program

Orent Financial Services offers a full-service online payroll and tax solution. We have partnered with ADP to offer a low cost wholesale solution designed to get you out of payroll processing and back to running your business.

Designed to be simple, straightforward and intuitive, this powerful web-based payroll application makes it simple to run your payroll anywhere, anytime and from any Internet connection. There's no software or installation required - all you need is your secure User ID and password.

With Orent Financial Services powered by ADP's RUN at a wholesale rate, you can rest assured your getting the most inovative and cost effective full service payroll solution. We can even set up for Local Withholding unlike other full service solutions.


Assisted Full Service Payroll and Tax Program

Would you rather let your dedicated payroll specialist handle all payroll related tasks? Our full service payroll management option is affordable, reliable and guaranteed accurate.Simply email, fax or phone in your payroll hours and let us do all the rest.


After the fact Payroll and Tax Program

If you want to write your own checks for your saleried employees, but dont want the hasle of estimating and tracking the taxes or generating payroll check stubs. Let one of our Payroll Specialist do it for you. Just report to us the amount of the net check you paid and we will take care of all the check stubs and tax report filings. You write your check or go online to pay the taxes and your done. Its that easy. This may the most cost effective solution for small business owners with one or two employees. This can be combined with our Partners Package.


Payroll Tax Reports

If all you need is the reports done for you. Just call, Fax or e-mail us your net payroll for the month or quarter and we will be happy to produce the reports for you. We will even provide reports for your records.


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Are you starting a company or do have a company and don't understand all the payroll taxes and payroll requirements? It is critical that business owners understand their payroll tax obligations. Failure to do so, can result in non-compliance to US, state and local payroll tax laws resulting in penalties, fines, and in some cases criminal charges.

Download a copy of the Missouri Employers Tax Guide. It describes the different payroll taxes for employers and employees and how they are calculated.